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How does inbound marketing work?

Inbound marketing is all about enabling potential customers to find you. You provide helpful, relevant content that addresses customer needs, so you’re what they find when they’re searching for solutions. There’s no cold-calling or competing for attention—it’s the beginning of a relationship built on trust.
Once attracted to your website or blog, you continue to engage them by providing more content and scalable programs that demonstrate your expertise. Then—when they’re ready to make a decision—you’re not only top of mind but also positioned as the solution.
By tracking what’s searched, downloaded and where time is spent on your site, inbound marketing provides valuable customer insights. Demographic data, behavior patterns, motivations and goals translate into insights—powerful stuff for marketing. And for sales it means more qualified leads, a necessary advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.
Buyer's journey
MZ utilizes the HubSpot platform. Simply put, we believe it to be the best, most comprehensive and intuitive solution to use for inbound marketing. Customers control their journey while marketing, sales and customer service teams focus on helping—rather than simply closing—customers.
Attract Tools
Content Strategy
Social Media
Digital Ads
Engage Tools
Lead Flows
Email Marketing
Lead Management
Conversational Bots
Marketing Automation
Delight Tools
Smart Content
Email Marketing
Conversations Inbox
Attribution Reporting
Marketing Automation

Why inbound works.

The inbound methodology reflects the always online, customer-centric world we live in today. The goal is to put you right where consumers are when they’re browsing for solutions. What’s more, you stay in contact with them, guiding them as they move closer to a purchase decision. But the customer journey doesn’t end after the sale—online reviews and social media guarantee that. Inbound is about optimizing every interaction customers have with your brand, before, during and after the sale.

Grow your business with the Inbound Methodology.

Every brand has a story to tell. We work side-by-side with you to systematically take apart what we hear to build meaningful stories that reveal the value propositions that matter.
With the development of buyer personas that clearly define your target audiences, outstanding content and HubSpot automation software, we help turn strangers into visitors, prospects, customers and ultimately promoters.


Top of Funnel
Attract leads with smart, helpful content and carefully nurtured branding to bring potential customers to your site.

Buyer Persona Development, Keyword Refinement, SEO, Website and Blog Content, Social Media Deployment, PPC Ads


Middle of Funnel
Nurture leads by using data and building brand personas to create relevant content.

Call-To-Action, Offers—Ebooks, Whitepaper, Infographics, Forms, Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Emails, Marketing Automation—CRM, Lead Scoring, Workflows

Purchase Decision

Bottom of Funnel
Convert and close leads with software tools that automate getting sales the most qualified leads at the right time.

Smart Content—Customized, Optimal Timing, Transactional—Reporting & Analytics

Start growing today.

With MZ and Hubspot, inbound marketing is a holistic, data-driven approach that takes total strangers and turns them into loyal customers by helping them solve problems. It’s an individualized, automated methodology that provides higher quality leads, actionable data and insights—all while delighting prospects and customers with better service. Best of all, our growth-driven design philosophy will help you get started now and continue to get better—and smarter—as you continue to refine your communications.