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A generator is like an insurance policy—you don’t really need it until you really need it. So it can be a hard sell to a small business that may not see the need to invest in back-up power. Generac asked MZ to develop a campaign targeted to gas stations, convenience and grocery stores and hotels. These businesses are some of the first places consumers to look to when there is a power outage, so having a back-up power source is very important to their business plan. They just didn’t know it.
generac print advertisements

A strong, simple ad series reinforces key commercial messages, educating the target about the need for back-up power and driving them to the Website for more information. Generac City is a web-based tool that highlights Generac’s products throughout various industries—clicking a vertical takes the target to case studies and photos of installations.

generac city digital sales tool city screen
generac city digital sales tool detail screen

Outbound/Inbound eMail campaigns use compelling visuals and interesting facts to make the case for back-up power. The direct mail series has a customized call-to-action that illustrates back-up power is needed and affordable.

generac html email designs

Generac looks to MZ for impactful, meaningful and targeted communications that make the case for back-up power. We develop solutions that speak to the business owner, making the financial and business case for Generac power.